HR Services offers services for organizing and conducting various trainings according to the needs and direction of the company’s development.

We are preparing an annual training program for employees and introducing training for new employees. Each organization needs to have on-board training aimed at introducing each newly appointed employee to the organization’s history, goals and structure, with the most important internal rules and procedures, communication channels, rules of conduct, etc. Way to support adaptation and smooth introduction to work, building a sense of belonging. Induction training is a mechanism that allows new employees to integrate more quickly into the organization and hence to present their professional potential more quickly.

HR Services offers an analysis of the effect of training in the following aspects:

  • Satisfaction with training;
  • Degree of learning after learning;
  • Changing professional behavior;
  • Changing business results at organization level;
  • Return on investment in training because training is an investment, and it must be justified.

The ability to learn faster than competitors is perhaps the only invariable advantage.

Personnel training and development is an element of human resource management in the organization and a factor for its effectiveness. The proper implementation of staff training and development activities aims to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of employees in order to raise the level of their work performance and to provide conditions for the development and growth of the staff in the organization.

The organization’s training and development activities have several goals:

  • Acquiring new and developing existing knowledge and skills;
  • Development of the employees’ potential according to the requirements of the organization’s work and priorities;
  • Preparing the staff to cope better with changes and unforeseen circumstances;
  • Providing a competitive advantage;
  • Improving the performance of the duties and the work of the teams;
  • Increasing work satisfaction and personal motivation;
  • Providing the possibility of delegating more complex tasks to employees, developing innovative thinking, etc.

We can offer career management ideas and solutions, loyalty and talent management programs.