HR Services offers temporary employment services that represent a triangular relationship between a worker, a recruitment agency and a client company. The employee is hired by a recruitment agency. However, the employee does not work in this company, and his services are leased to various other companies. This thus covers the need to quickly and effectively find a person with a particular qualification for a given position in case of necessity in any field of business.

All obligations related to labor law and social security are covered by the recruitment / temporary employment agency.

Temporary employment services we offer:

  • Temporary staffing – select employees and assign them to the client company. When to use? – leave / annual, maternity, hospital /; In temporary projects /promotions, marketing researches, campaigns, temporary appointments, projects under European programs, in seasonal activities, in different spheres – tourism, construction, production, trade, services.
  • Leasing of personnel – we select employees and provide them for use by the client company. When to use? – For foreign companies that are not yet registered in the country but want to start their business immediately; Under headcount limits; With a temporary change in the organizational structure.
  • Outstaffing – if you need to reduce the number of employees on a payroll but keep them as employees – it is used in headcount and in public companies that want to reduce the revenue /cost ratio to the number of staff. The Staffing Agency accepts employees of the client company only by payroll, the place of work is retained by the client company.

What do you get from us?

  • Recruitment and selection procedure;
  • Hiring an approved candidate on our own payroll;
  • The overall procedure relating to labor relations;
  • Payroll – calculation, preparation, payments to employees and NRA, references to different institutions;

What do we require from you?

  • Requirements for leasing employees;
  • Monthly reports of hours worked;
  • Workplace risk assessment;