HR Services offers consultancy in the process of human resource planning based on analysis and balance between the supply and demand of employees needed by your company.

Human resource planning is an activity aimed at providing the organization with the human resources needed to achieve its goals. This activity covers both the determination of the quantitative and qualitative parameters of the human resource needs and the development of plans for their satisfaction through appropriate actions in the field of job analysis and design, selection, training and evaluation of staff, wages, etc. . In this sense, planning should precede all other activities in the human resource management system.

Prudent planning of human resource selection helps to avoid critical situations caused by the need for new employees.

Planning and selection are inextricably linked because the right people could not be elected without specifying the requirements for their skills, qualifications, abilities, knowledge, education, personality, etc., as well as the duties and responsibilities that predetermines the job itself.

Planning the labor supply also means determining the human resources of the organization (in quantitative and qualitative terms) that will remain it in the coming years. This in turn requires forecasting of the organizations leaving their organization in quantitative and qualitative terms – due to retirement, turnover, relocation, reassignment and promotion.

When conditions changing within and outside the organization, timely action is needed to respond adequately to changes. Undoubtedly, there are many factors that determine the increased attention to human resource planning, such as globalization, new technologies, economic conditions. All this leads to confusion and uncertainty, which can affect the efficiency of operations. Companies are therefore generally seeking to reduce its impact through planning activities as a strategy used to address these difficulties.

Human resource planning is emerging in the context of organizational and strategic planning – it includes forecasting future staffing needs and strategies for meeting them. During the process, certain goals are set and programs are being developed to ensure that people with the right features and skills are available when the time comes when the organization needs them. Since the main direction of planning is to achieve the company’s performance, it should combine the short-term and long-term goals of the organization.

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