HR Services provides a staff motivation profile service that reflects employee motivation and is needed to develop a motivational program (action plan) to improve it. Establishing the motivational profile of staff means establishing the level of motivation of the staff, above all, identifying the limiting (problematic) factors and reasons that determined and motivated the insufficient motivation of the employees.

Material resources are limited, but people’s resources and capabilities are immense when motivated.

Why is it important to work with motivated employees?

Satisfied and motivated employee:

  • Produces more
  • It works better
  • Better service to customers
  • Multiplies financial success
  • Reduces turnover

What is the cost of turnover?

Answer: High

  1. Direct costs – the cost of replacing one employee is in the order of between 70 to 200% of his salary
  2. Indirect costs – far more dangerous for the organization
  • reduced customer satisfaction
  • reduced employee satisfaction
  • loss of valuable knowledge and expertise

Each company is a system that unites human and material resources. The behavior of individuals by the staff who manage or work for it is largely unpredictable, as it is based on extremely complex interacting reasons: individual needs and interests, motivation, interpersonal relationships, etc.

Managers are interested in policies and programs increasing the motivation of workers: labor remuneration, social climate, working conditions, additional benefits, recognition of personal abilities, opportunity skills enhancement, interesting and challenging work, the ability to grow in the hierarchy, the opportunity for initiative and autonomy in the work, the style and behavior of the company’s managers. A significant number of companies introduce a social package for employees, which may include: additional medical insurance, sports cards, food vouchers, increased weekends, trainings, company cars, etc. as a tool to increase employee motivation.

Apart from concern for the well-being of their cadres, employers are also striving to increase their motivation. A more satisfied employee who has less care and worry is often willing to demonstrate his satisfaction with quality work, high motivation and diligence.

HR Services can create and integrate a social program in your company, according to your capabilities and understanding.